OpenSTC, a CSR Initiative

OpenSTC..! What a memorable learning experience it was..! OpenSTC (Open Software Testing Course) is a CSR initiative by Zentest to train students in Software Testing regardless of their IT / Non-IT background. The course which is conducted free of cost is open to everyone who wishes to learn software testing. This three month course consists of a lot more than just theoretical training.

At OpenSTC, emphasis is placed on practical knowledge, which a candidate would require, not only to secure a good job, but throughout his/her career in the field of software testing.

The key technical areas covered in the course are:

  • Software Testing Life Cycle
  • Software Development Life Cycle Models
  • Principles of Software Testing
  • Test Case Design Techniques with a case study for designing Test Cases
  • How to Write Precise Test Cases (with ample case studies and examples to practice)
  • Writing End-to-End Scenarios
  • Decision Tables and Classification Tree
  • Defect Life Cycle and Defect Reporting

Trainers encourage students to extensively practice test case writing for multiple test scenarios, after which the team is introduced to the concept of Test Case Optimization. Identifying and logging defects is what excites testers most during the initial phase of learning. Defect Reporting and Writing End to End Scenarios are taught in such a manner that beginners would easily be able to write precise scenarios when they start working as software testers

The course teaches testers to be tactful explorers and to exercise good judgement. Memory and creativity based exercises are taught to improve thinking and analytical skills. After completion of the course, participants are offered a chance to work on live projects wherein they get to play the roles of Team Lead, Tester etc. and get an opportunity to apply their knowledge. The course also includes:

  • Seminars by senior members of the testing fraternity
  • Interview sessions with tips and mock interviews conducted by industry experts with feedback to participants
  • Improvement of communication skills
  • Self motivation exercises wherein participants learn about the deeper science of the mind, laws of attraction and how our thoughts shape our future. Participants are encouraged to channelize their thoughts, guided with ways to handle stress and live life with a positive attitude.

A crowd testing event was also hosted by Zentest which provided participants a chance to work on a real application in the testing environment. This day long activity was initiated by the team testing the application at Zentest and it comprised of understanding the application, exploring the application, testing and logging defects.

After completion of the course students can volunteer to be a part of the OpenSTC team. Volunteering at OpenSTC is another memorable experience wherein you can manage course activities and guide participants during live projects. Taking an initiative, communicating with the people at OpenSTC, co-ordinating and solving their queries helps one grow as a person and evolve as a leader.

Sonali Edake | Zen Test Labs

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