Deterministic QA: Optimal De-risking of Treasury and Cash Management Implementations

Banks invest in treasury and cash management applications every 18-24 months (includes replacements for outgrown or old systems or specialized functionality that bolts onto a current system). This not only means more work for the banks but also for their corporate customers that need to keep pace. Banks spend millions of dollars on these systems and implementation is complex. An average cycle ranges from 6 to 12 months based on the complexity and banks struggle with spiraling and unpredictable implementation time, costs while trying to keep up with increasingly frequent releases primarily because of QA and testing.

We have put together a whitepaper will help you understand common challenges faced in implementations, learn optimal approaches that minimize risk, balance requirements, customizations, quality, cost and time and understand risk mitigation strategies.This whitepaper will help you:

  • Understand common challenges faced when implementing a new or changing your existing cash management or treasury management application
  • Discover approches to balance quality, cost and time for such implementations
  • Learn optimal approaches that minimize business risk of a new technology
  • Understand high risk areas and risk mitigation strategies
  • Ensure the implementation and QA become predictable
  • Understand lessons learned from implementations

Download the whitepaper today!

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